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#039 Happy New Year! 2016 Year in Review and a Look Ahead


Looking to a new year gives us an opportunity to imagine a better future. We take time to formulate a vision for how we will improve next year. In today’s episode, we look back at a year of Preaching Donkey and remember what God allowed us to accomplish. We also look ahead to the new year and discuss what’s coming – not only for Preaching Donkey, but also for us as individuals. (more…)


#038 Four Truths from the Christmas Story You Should Preach to Yourself


Nothing makes me beat my head against the wall more than trying to think of another creative way to tell the Christmas story. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I’m preaching. I have felt the weight of this message for about a week now. It’s coming… Am I ready? Are you? In this episode we discuss the truths behind the Christmas story that we so often miss. (more…)


#037 How to Speak Life Into Your Church


“Tell your church what they are and eventually they’ll become that.” These words rang inside my head I met with a pastor who leads a large and growing church. He explained that his job as a pastor is to set the expectation high and let his church know he believes that’s who they are. Eventually, they will become that. In this week’s episode we discuss this idea and discover how to speak life into our churches.