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4 Things Competing for Your People’s Attention During Your Sermon

4 Things Competing for Your People's

It’s more important than ever before to work on gaining and keeping the attention of your listeners while you preach. Capturing and maintaining attention is one of the most difficult things a communicator must do. But I don’t think this difficulty has much to do with attention span. Some will say that it’s just because people have shorter attention spans than a generation ago. While attention spans may be shorter, this doesn’t tell the whole story. I do believe shorter sermons are almost always better, but what makes them better has more to do with how it makes the preacher deliver a better sermon when he has less time to waste with filler, rambling, and incoherence.

The reason we have to work harder to gain and keep attention has to do with what competes for the attention of our people every time we preach. Our listeners are so distracted, and we need to know what we’re up against. Some of these distractions are new, and some are as timeless as humanity, but they are all present every time you stand up to preach. Here are 4 things competing for your people’s attention during your sermon: Continue Reading →


Guest: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Preaching Team Meeting

Check Yourself Before You Wreck

Today I’m honored to have Scott Savage providing a guest post. Scott lives in Phoenix, where he writes and pastors. He is currently writing a book about his journey from idealism to cynicism to hope. Scott is married to Danalyn (a lawyer) and the father of 3 children under the age of 3, including a set of twins. He blogs at You can follow Scott on Twitter (@scottsavagelive).

“The last and greatest sin is to do the right thing for the wrong reason.”

-T.S. Elliot

In the film, What Women Want, Mel Gibson gains the blessing (and curse) of being able to hear what is going on inside the mind of every women he meets. Some of the most comical moments of the film involving Gibson manipulating them because he is able to discern their thoughts and motivations.

When I walk in the room to present a message to my preaching team, all sorts of ideas run through my head. No one (including Mel Gibson) can hear them, but they fill my consciousness.

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Guest: Three Keys to Make Your Sermon Unforgettable

3 keys to make the sermon unforgettable

Today I’m honored to have Tim Coressel providing a guest post. Tim is the Youth & Community Life Pastor at Cross Current Church in Northern Virginia, and has been working with students and families for nearly a decade.  He is passionate about sharing life with his community and pointing people to Jesus Christ.

People are going to forget your sermons.  They’ll forget mine too.

From the moment you “close in prayer”, that message you labored over for hours will begin to fade in the minds of your audience.  For some, it’ll be gone in less time than it took you to prepare it (maybe even before they’re done eating lunch!).

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